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Simple Room Makeovers

Guest Bedroom Accent Wall & Shiplap

Give your space a pop of color with a fun and easy DIY accent wall.

Guest Bedroom Accent Wall


  1. Measure how much material you will need and plan out the project.
  2. Gather materials, remove baseboards, and set up the area with everything you need to get started.
  3. Use a nail gun and wood glue to attach the 1"x2" trim piece horizontally across the wall, and then take the 5-ft. tongue-and-groove shiplap boards and attach vertically across the wall. Wood glue makes sure the boards are extra secure to the wall, because not all nails will hit studs. Make sure you are nailing into the lips of the boards to avoid too many nail holes.
  4. Reattach baseboard over top of shiplap with nail gun. Then, take spackle and fill in any nail holes. Sand down to smooth.
  5. Using caulk, fill the seams where the trim and shiplap meet, and where the shiplap is against the wall. Make sure you use paintable silicone caulk for projects you plan on painting. Tip: Spackle can be sanded, so use that to fill nail holes. Caulk CANNOT be sanded, so only use that to fill seams.
  6. Once caulk is dry, tape off all the edges using painter’s tape, and prep the area for paint using a drop cloth to cover any nearby areas.
  7. Using ColorPlace, begin painting your first coat. Use an angled brush for the edges, and a large roller for everything inside. Once dry, apply your second coat (or more if desired). Be sure to note the dry/recoat time on the paint can.
  8. Once painting is complete and dry, remove the painter’s tape and touch up any areas.
  9. Enjoy your new accent wall!
Download Project Instructions
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