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Storage Cabinet Makeover

Update a cabinet in your home with this easy and affordable DIY paint project.

Storage Cabinet Makeover


  1. Gather your supplies.
  2. Take the cabinet apart and set any screws, hardware or shelves to the side.
  3. Sand the exterior of the cabinet lightly with fine sandpaper. Sanding is not necessary if working with a wall or raw wood.
  4. Apply your paint to the exterior of the dresser using a foam roller, then continue to the front and interior. Before applying your second coat, be sure to read the label to ensure appropriate recoat/dry times.
  5. When painting your cabinet door, tape any areas you don’t want to be painted, and use a brush to get in the corners. Continue with a paint roller on the front and back sides of the door.
  6. While paint is drying, apply the contact paper to the shelves. Simply wrap the shelves like you would a present, or use a really sharp razor to cut the edges that won’t be visible when the shelves are put in place.
  7. To paint the arch, first decide how thick you want it to be, then use a level and pencil to draw the sides of the arch. Next, use a string and pencil to draw the top of your arch. Tip: use a string half the width of the arch, hold it in the center and then go from one side to the other to create the top of the arch.
  8. Tape around the arch, then paint using a small foam roller.
  9. Once dry, put your dresser back together and set in place!
Download Project Instructions
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