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Give Back to Your Home

Simple Room Makeovers

Set the Scene with an Accent Wall

A pop of color or a different look on an accent wall can give your home a new vibe for the holidays.

Set the Scene with an Accent Wall


  1. Fill in any holes or dents with spackle.
  2. Allow to dry.
  3. Sand holes and any rough areas.
  4. Mask off any windows, trim or molding on the wall using painter’s tape.
  5. Using a 1"- 2" angle brush, cut in before you roll your paint to get a crisp, straight edge along the ceiling, baseboard and corners of the wall.
  6. Keep these tips in mind when cutting in:
    • Work at a slight angle to the edge you’re painting.
    • Press the bristles gently onto the wall until they fan out.
  7. Now you’re ready to roll. The type of roller you should use depends on the type of sheen/finish your paint has.
    • Flat sheen is best used for low-traffic rooms, like bedrooms.
    • Satin sheen has a soft reflection and is best used in rooms with light cleanability, like hallways and playrooms.
    • Semi-gloss sheen has a durable stain- and moisture-resistant shine, and is best used in kitchens and bathrooms.
    • You can use a knit roller cover to apply flat- and satin-sheen paints to a wall, but a woven roller cover can give you a more professional look and is highly recommended for semi-gloss-sheen paints.
  8. Grab your roller and dip it into the paint tray several times to evenly saturate the entire roller cover.
  9. Apply light pressure on the wall and paint in a narrow V-shape. Keep these tips in mind when rolling paint:
    • Always start and finish into the wet edge of the paint.
    • Cover an area about 3 feet wide before moving on.
    • Back-roll the painted area for an even finish. Remember to roll in only one direction and overlap each stroke.
  10. Allow to dry.
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