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Kids' Holiday Crate

Easy holiday crate turned toy basket for your kids.

Kids' Holiday Cratee


  1. Measure and cut out handles for sides of box.
  2. Sand the handles to make them round and smooth.
  3. Assemble sides and slats for front and back of box using glue.
  4. Sand the whole box using 220-grit.
  5. Mix the Minwax® Wood Finish Penetrating Stain thoroughly to evenly distribute color.
  6. Using a foam brush, spread Minwax® Wood Finish Penetrating Stain on entire surface, getting into the corners and small areas.
  7. Wait twenty minutes and wipe the excess away with a rag.
  8. Spray with Minwax® Fast-Drying Polyurethane Clear Satin Spray to give a good even coating - be sure to get into the corners and crevices. Allow to dry.
  9. Decorate!
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