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Vintage Dresser Makeover

Give new life to a vintage dresser with this easy-to-complete DIY project.

Easy DIY Fluted Wood Vase


  1. Place dresser onto cardboard to prep for spray painting.
  2. Remove all drawers and hardware.
  3. Sand the entire dresser using an electric sander or sandpaper. Always remember to wear a mask while sanding*.
  4. After sanding, clean the dust off of your dresser.
  5. Lay the drawers flat to avoid any drip marks from the spray paint.
  6. Begin applying your spray paint. It’s important to apply the spray paint lightly for your first coat.
  7. Apply a total of three coats (more if desired), waiting 30 minutes between each coat.
  8. While your dresser is drying, apply your spray paint to the hardware.
  9. Once the dresser and hardware are dry, reattach the hardware and put your completed piece in its chosen spot.

* When using Krylon® Fusion All-In-One®, sanding is not required.

Download Project Instructions
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