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Give Back to Your Home

Krylon Can

Crafting & Decorating

There’s nothing more transformative than a new coat of paint. Freshen up your home for the holidays with these simple paint projects.

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A Holiday Craft to Brighten Any Room

The smallest projects can make the biggest difference. Here's one to bring some holiday spirit to any space in your home.

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Refashion an Old Ladder into New Décor

A little TLC goes a long way – this quick holiday project is here to prove it.

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Add Holiday Ambiance with a Glass Vase

Hosting for the holidays? Create warm accent lighting for your guests by turning a glass vase into a holiday candle holder.

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Rework a Bucket into a Holiday Container

If "add more decorations" is on your holiday bucket list, we can help you scratch it off with this quick and easy project.

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Greet Guests with a Noel Sign

Help guests feel more at home by adding a bit of warmth to yours with a holiday greeting sign.

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There’s No Decoration Like a Snow Decorations

Bring the snowy landscape vibes indoors with this cool project.

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Vintage Dresser Makeover project image

Vintage Dresser Makeover

Give new life to a vintage dresser with this easy-to-complete DIY project.

Design by Fancy Fix Decor

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Holiday Tablescape project image

Holiday Tablescape

Do something nice for your family, and your home, with this holiday tablescape.

Design by Mint Candy Designs

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